Lucrezio de Seta Trio/Quartet
Lucrezio de Seta
Country / Region : Italian


Born in Rome on 12 September 1970, he began playing drums and percussion in 1982.

Since 1991 he has been working live and in studio with many artists and bands: PFM PremiataForneria Marconi, Tom Harrell, Omar Sosa, Brandon Fields, Mitchell Forman, Bob Berg, Donovan, Stefano Di Battista, FabrizioBosso, Michael Rosen, Roy Paci, Michael Landau, Paula Morelenbaum, Katherine Jenkins, Linley Marthe, Tony Scott, Fontella Bass, Deitra Farr, Tinkara, Tina Arena, Tollak, Phillip Ingram, Anggun, ChrissyHynde, Tony Formichella, Selma Hernandes, Celso Fonseca, Eddy Palermo, Paolo Damiani, Max Ionata, Nicole Johaenntegen, Rodolfo Maltese, Jay Oliver, Massimo Moriconi, Marc Copland, William Lenihan, Enrico Intraamong others.

As a Leader Lucrezio has produced his first Solo CD called ‘Movin’On’ in 2014, with his quartet and his second and latest Trio work called ‘Brubeck was right!’ in 2017, both published by Headache Production Label.

Electronic music
Pop (popular music)

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