Miguel Monroy
Country / Region : USA


Miguel A. Monroy is an independent artist based out of Louisville, Ky. In 2011, Miguel founded with the desire to provide free drumming education and resources for musicians, which is currently used by people in over fifty countries each month. Miguel later went on to write and work full-time in Business and Content Development for Modern Drummer Magazine, which is the world’s largest and most respected drum magazine. During his tenure with Modern Drummer, Miguel had the privilege of working with some of the drum industry’s most influential players, as well as help Modern Drummer grow to be recognized as one of the top app/digital editions in the entire publication industry. In addition to his writing and business contributions to the drum community, Miguel served as a drumset and percussion instructor for the University of Louisville Community Music Program and currently plays in bands ranging in styles from jazz/fusion to indie/rock. For more information about Miguel, as well as a detailed list of gear and tons of drum videos, visit

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