Obo Bolooki
Country / Region : Indonesia


Rizky Meta Putra or usually called Obo has been playing drums since 6th grade. He decided to learn drums when he was in junior high school, when he entered high school he decided to become a professional musician/drummer. Over time, he formed and joined several bands, Noin Bullet, Sendal Jepit, Restrain, Arabian Penuts, etc., often as an additional drummer for bands, Close Head, Rocket Rockers, Alone At Last, Ebih Beat A, etc., now he is active on YouTube with drummer interview content and also drumcam with the Ngedrum channel, also running with a program called Ragadub that works with the DCDC.

Obo bolooki is also active as instructor at a drum school and being an endorser for several drum products.


Hard vs Melodic Compilation w/ Arabian Peanuts 2006

Mediction for Reflection Compilation w/ Arabian Peanuts 2007

Linoleum Compilation w/ Arabian Peanuts 2009

200203 Album w/ Arabian Peanuts 2010

High End Compilation W/ Sendal Jepit 2010

Neps Compilation w/ Noin Bullet 2012

Single Hits “Harmoni” w/ Noinbullet 2013

Album Ukeba Squad 2018

Single Hits “Selalu Ada” w/ Close Head 2019

Single Hits “Samar” w/ Aidoaudio 2022

Single Hits “Fase” Hozter Blazter” 2022

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