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Eddie Van Dongen
Country / Region : Netherlands


Eddie van Dongen is a very passionate Dutch drummer/musician/educator. Studying with greats like Mike Johnston, JP Bouvet, Hans Eijkenaar, Martijn Vink and others Eddie is trying to find his own sound. His focus lies with finding that sound and inspiring other musicians and people with that sound. This way he wants to put himself out there as a drummer, always looking for new things to learn from. Inspiring people with that what he loves to do most: playing drums. This way he can be the best version of himself as a drummer and a human.

End of 2016 he started with his ‘PARADIDDLE FRIDAY’ project to inspire other drummer to make music with this simple rudiment. Rudiments are more than technical excercise to become a better drummer. Rudiments are music, you can use them everywhere you want in your playing. In march 2019 he is releasing his the very first drum ibook with video content which is called: Making music with the paradiddle. Go check the ibookstore and get your copy!


Alternative music
Indie pop
Singer/Songwriter (Incl. Folk)
Pop (Popular music)

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