The Azenders
Kudut Othman
Country / Region : Malaysia


Kudut was born in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Made a name for himself playing drums for the wacky/crazy ska punk band called "Plague of Happiness" before leaving for the greener pasture.

During this time he’d listen to The Cure, The Police and Depeche Mode. He attended University of Utara, Malaysia. He also attended Schuman Music School for drum lesson in Johor Bahru.

Kudut started teaching private lessons while drumming in a variety of bands that played everything and everywhere, from a town show to weddings.

His resume includes Drumming/Toured/Recorded/Session/Jammin with:

1998-2009: Plague of Happiness, Hujan, Butterfingers, The Official, Root & Boots, Sharp Shooter

2008-2011: Joanna & Co, The Bluezzy, Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor(PKNS), Dazmelon, Kaki Tangan, SSK, Alyah, 40 Winks, Sam Kuman band, Robot Asmara, Liyana Jasmay band, The Azenders

Previous bands Kudut was the drummer for Plague of Happiness (ska-punk). Plague of Happiness had a big underground following in Malaysia underground scene. He joined Plague of Happiness in 1998 by Nas and Ipin, who co-founded the band.

After 11 years of being the drummer with Plague of Happiness, in mid 2008, Kudut announced that he’s leaving the band because he wanted to concentrate on his other career.

In late 2008/09, Kudut started a new band called "Robot Asmara" with band members Helena (Black Coffee Honey) and Juad (Pretty Ugly), who co-founded the band.

In mid 2010/11, Kudut joined and became a member of "The Azenders." He joined The Azenders in 2010 with band members Sam (Bunkface) and Izal (One Buck Short), who co-founded the band.

His first TV commercial ads is McDonalds "Love your Favorite. Love the Twist" in 2010.

Occupations: Musicians, songwriter, and a regular day job

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