Seek Irony
Rom Gov
Country / Region : Israel


Rom is part of a new generation of drummers electrifying the independent rock scene, and recently celebrated his band’s “Outstanding Album of the Year” honor from the North American Independent Rock Music Awards.

Originally from Tel Aviv, Rom Gov began playing drums when he was 8 years old and went on to graduate from Thelma Yelin, one of the most prestigious arts schools in the region.  In addition to playing with bands and doing session work, Rom was also a percussion educator in some of Israel’s top music academies before he moved to Austin Texas to pursue a career in the United States.  Since moving to the US, Rom has continued educating and has recorded with many bands, including Matricide, Waterloo Revival,SinTax and many more.  He tours regularly with Seek Irony, and was recently featured in Modern Drummer.

Rom Gov commented, “I think that music is all about inspiring people and students, and also being inspired by the musicians you share the stage with.  Dixon must feel the same way because their instruments have been designed with a lot of input from artists, and that comes through in the player experience.  I’m thrilled to be a part of their roster.”

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